The purpose of this gallery is to honor the art and artists who have assisted us visually on this journey.
Overview — Bardo of Death (Spontaneously Arising Luminosity)

The power, terror, and awe arising from this bardo are such that words may not suffice - and my understanding does not suffice. This overview is merely my limited understanding- I know nothing of this experience. It is what I have read and heard.

The Bardo of Death is often referred to as the intermediate state. It is the spontaneous expression of the ground luminosity manifesting as light, energy, sound, and shapes in motion. The forty two peaceful and fifty eight wrathful deities are the ultimate expression of the energy here.

The visions and sounds arise from the Primordial Wisdom of the true nature. The vastness of this expression is beyond comprehension and imagination. There can be clairvoyant perception and recognition - and the five rainbow colors are the domain of specific Buddha families. Though there is no time- the time is long experiencing these outrageously vivid displays. There are countless visions, one after another, and correspondingly there are countless opportunities for liberation. The union of perception and wisdom leads to freedom, but most perceive the visions dualistically as self- and other.

Initially the display is brighter than the brightest light—and this is the realm of the peaceful deities. Eventually the perception changes- though the power does not. The brightness of light gives way to the brightness of flame—and the realms of the wrathful deities. Duller colors appear too and the common action is to gravitate towards them. The common action, driven by fear and non recognition, is to escape. But if one can supplicate with devotion there is opportunity. Are the sounds truly terrifying- or are they the mantra of the dharma drum? Are the visions too terrifying, too bright, or does one recognize them as an old friend from deity or togal practice?

For most it is shock and awe. There is simply too much power and too much fear. Rather than embrace the energy, gazes lowered, respite is found finally in the Bardo of Becoming.

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