The purpose of this gallery is to honor the art and artists who have assisted us visually on this journey.
Overview — Bardo of Becoming

Know that all appearances arise from the mind. This is the key tenet on this part of the journey. The opportunity for liberation by unifying with the luminosity of the dharmata is over. It is said that the bardo of becoming begins when we regain consciousness after having fainted in the bardo of dharmata. In the prior bardo, body and consciousness have dissolved into ground luminosity. In the bardo of becoming dualistic and karmic aspects of mind reassert themselves. This bardo ends with a new birth- and the continuation of the cycle of samsaric existence.The images now on display are literally a play of mind. This bardo is primarily experience dominated by our karma and, accordingly, as you sow, so shall you reap.

The power of mind (without body) is all powerful in this stage. Travel is effortless, and it is important for caregivers and family to know that this mind may be able to see— and hear— for up to 49 days. Mind finds duller colors representing various energies seductive and attractive. Eventually passion and lust may propel this mind to couples in union- resulting in birth. This birth may not be in human form—and may not be in this realm.

Depending upon past karma, and how mind has traveled in the bardo, the re entry may find an evolved environment conducive for further practice- or not.

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